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Polytechnic to Business Project (P2B) a case of Innovation and knowledge transference


Teresa Paiva*  


Our purpose with this article is to explain how the model of knowledge transfers of a HEI (High Education Institution) was defined considering the context constraints and the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy. We describe how a small HEI with demographic and geographic limitations can contribute to the growth and development of a region and country. The importance of a HEI in the interior region of Portugal and the fundamental role for the economic and social well-being is such that it is possible to develop a mechanism of interface and communication, taking the advantages of closeness, to offer and develop a relationship with the community and its social and economic agents. Based on the type of innovation that leverages the business competitiveness, designing and set of innovative services and product innovation that are directly linked with the key activities of the region, it was possible to create the “Polytechnic to Business – P2B” project that aggregates the facilities, knowledge and equipment of Guarda Polytechnic Institution and that is suited to the needs of the regional institutions and community.


Knowledge transfer, User-driven innovation, Smart specialization strategy, P2B project, High Education Institution, HEI and Industry partnership


Unidade de Investigação para o Desenvolvimento do Interior (Research Unit for Inland Development) of Instituto Politécnico da Guarda (Guarda Polytechnique Institute)

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